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Reporting consistently ranks among the most critical tasks for any quality management team.  Rational Quality Manager recognizes this, but also acknowledges that every organization is unique and has unique reporting requirements.  Accordingly, Rational Quality Manager offers 3 reporting options to quality management teams.

Option 1: Out of the Box Reports

This is the simplest reporting option.   These are the native reports that you get in the Rational Quality Manager reporting module when you install the tool.  These reports offer strong filtering capabilities, so that you can focus in on the information you’re looking for.  These reports however, are not customizable.  These reports are based on the live data within the RQM database.

Option 2: Rational Common Reporting

If the lack of customization of the Out of the Box reports causes you heartache, then Rational Common Reporting is your answer.  Rational Common Reporting is a web based reporting application that is bundled with Rational Quality Manager.  Built upon IBM Cognos reporting technology, it allows you to craft queries, modify and create reports.   It is comprised of two main components: Query Studio and Report Studio.  Query studio allows you to create queries to extract the data you want, and Report Studio allows you to create reports that present the data the way you want to see it.  These reports are based on data warehouse snapshots which are periodically taken of the RQM database.    Reports are constrained to a single RQM server.  Every one of the Out of the Box reports is available through Rational Common Reporting.

For a quick look at Rational Common Reporting, you can check out this video:

Option 3: Rational Insight

Rational Insight is at the top of the hierarchy, offering the customization of Rational Common Reporting but extending it so that reports can collect data from multiple servers and tools, such as Rational Team Concert.   This option offers all the full capabilities you would expect from an industrial strength data warehouse reporting tool: authoring and execution of transforms (ETLs), REST and XML data types and modeling of queries.   This is the most powerful and comprehensive of the reporting options.   For integrated product delivery teams using multiple IBM tools that want consolidated, centralized reporting, this is the solution for you.

The bottom line here is that Rational Quality Manager places significant importance on reporting, and offers 3 choices for teams to generate the reports they need.


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Collaborative Development

One philosophy taking hold at IBM Rational is the concept of Collaborative development.  The idea being that better products will result if we open up our development process to the masses that will be using the products.

The IBM Rational Quality Manager team has taken this to heart and in the spirit of collaboration, is starting this blog. 

We’ll use this blog as a forum to discuss various issues around our next generation test management tool – and give you inside access to the engineering, product and marketing teams behind the new IBM Raitonal Quality Manager.We hope you’ll be back to share your ideas on how we can best co-develop IBM Rational Quality Manager together with you.

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