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The development team is working hard on getting Rational Quality Manager 3.0 ready to roll.  As many of you know, you can pick up preview builds at time over at Jazz.net.

One question I get quite often is “What Build or Milestone Should I Take?” … and typically the answer is the latest is the greatest.  However, not all milestones are equal, some are just a little more equal than others.  We’re coming up on one of those builds next week.

Milestone 7 of Rational Quality Manager 3.0 will undergo additional quality management efforts, and will be broadly distributed to many customers for feedback.  It’s still a very early release, but of the all the early releases, this is the one we’re recommending people use to provide us feedback.  It’s not perfect, it’s not complete, but it’s received special attention and should be pretty solid.

Right now, we’re looking at release date of late next week to get Rational Quality Manager 3.0 Milestone 7 out the door.  Head over to the Rational Quality Manager project area on jazz.net to get your copy!

PS: To answer what will ikely be your first question once you get the beta installed, the default URL to get going with Rational Quality Manager is https://localhost:9443/jazz/web/console/QM, and you can log in with ADMIN / ADMIN.


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