As of a few minutes ago, Rational QualityManager 2.0.1 went live on Jazz.net.  Key highlights in the release are:

  • Introduction of Master Test Plan

  • Project Templates

  • Audit enhancements

  • Snapshots for execution result records

  • Expanded PDF Print

  • Copy of manual test steps

  • Duplication of test artifacts

  • Artifact section management

  • Full text search

  • Test artifact filtering

  • Performance improvements

  • Suite categories

  • Support for OSLC QM 1.0 specification

We’ll be exploring some of these new enhancements over the next few posts here on Quality Manager.  For now, head on over to jazz.net to read more about these individual items and to download Rational Quality Manager 2.0.1.


Yesterday, the Sony PlayStation 3 network went down.  I wrote about this on the Rational Tester Blog and teased that I would leave my best guess here as to the cause of the defect.

Rarely when these big bugs surface do we ever get the true cause, but this one jumped out at me.  Why?  The first clue was in the Sony PlayStation 3 blog:

We believe we have identified that this problem is being caused by a bug in the clock functionality incorporated in the system.

The second clue came from the calendar.  Yesterday was March 1st, or as known in software testing circles, February 29th – sometimes.   This is too much of a conincidence for me.   I’m sure there was some processing issue where 2010 was considered a leap year, and the PS3 mishandled the date – perhaps a date conflict between console and the Sony gameservers which prevented people from getting on the network.

At least, that’s my guess.  If the true cause of the problem surfaces, I’ll post more.   But until then, maybe now would be a good time to review the Leap Year calculation.  We all know that it’s basically every four years, but there are some exceptions.   Here’s a pseudo-code version of the calculation:

if year divided by 400 is 0
       then is_leap_year
else if year divided by 100 is 0
       then not_leap_year
else if year divided by 4 is 0
       then is_leap_year

Today is the last day of the call for papers for Innovate 2010, the conference formerly known as The Rational Software Conference.

Innovate 2010: The Rational Software Conference

Th new name for the conference reflects the new reality of software delivery, where we area all trying to design and build the smarter products and services we need to build a smarter planet.

The Rational Tester will be chairing the Quality Management track at the conference, and looking for any and all topics related to smarter quality management.  As always, if you submit a paper and get accepted, you’ll get a free pass to the conference, which will be held in Orlando from June 6 to 10.  We’re looking for any topics related to Quality Management, but with so many new adopters of Rational Quality Manager, I’d like to specifically invite you to submit content related to Rational Quality Manager.  Anything from:

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Quality Management Strategies
  • Collaboration Strategies
  • Reporting Strategies

Time’s running out!  Get’em in today!

Recently, I’ve had a few requests to talk about Rational Test Lab Manager.  Rational Test Lab Manager is an optional component of Rational Quality Manager that enables quality assurance teams to manage all aspects of a test lab: Asset Inventory, Test machine scheduling and provisioning and Asset utilization reporting.  It’s a very powerful component of Quality Manager that enables management with a host of integration points:

  • A VMLogix integration enables lab management of Virtual Machines
  • A Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database integration enables automated inventory of lab assets
  • A Tivoli Provisioning Manager integration enables provisioning and configuring of remote lab assets

As always though, it’s easiest to understand through a demo.  This morning, I posted a quick overview demo we used at our Rational Software Conference 2009.  The demonstration covers all the basic functionality and benefits of IBM Rational Test Lab Manager.  Enjoy.

At the Rational User Conference last June, we did our first demonstration of Rational Quality Manager integrating with Rational DOORS (formerly Telelogic DOORS).    With this integrations, users of Rational DOORS who manage their software and system requirements in DOORS can link these to a test plan and test cases in Rational Quality Manager.    This link enables requirements based quality, where requirements drive the test plan.

This link is bi-directional.  Initially, Requirements are exported from DOORS to Rational Quality Manager.   In Rational Quality Manager, these requirements can then be associated to test cases and test plans.  When the test cases are run and produce a test execution result, the results are automatically sent back to Rational DOORS, where the latest execution verdict is displayed as a requirements property.

When requirements are updated in DOORS, the user can send these updates to Rational Quality Manager where the requirement will be flagged as updated in the GUI.   This signals the tester that they may potentially have to re-examine the requirements, or re-run the test as a result of the requirement change.

Requirements management from DOORS is only one of the requirements management options for Rational Quality Manager.  Besides using requirements from DOORS, Rational Quality Manager can link to requirements in Rational RequisitePro  as well as use its own native requirements management functionality.

Users of Rational Quality Manager 2.0 might want to download the latest fix pack which is available from Jazz.net.

There are a significant amount of updates and changes in this fix pack, many introduced for backward compatibility reasons.    As with all Rational Quality Manager updates, the easiest way to download and install is through the Update Packages wizard in the IBM Installation Manager.  Enjoy!

Still running Rational Quality Manager v1.x?  If so, a new fix pack just went live for users of Rational Quality Manager 1.0, 1.0.1, or  The fix will bring Rational Quality Manager up to v1.0.1.2.   The fix addresses about 10 reported issues, full details of which can be found on the announcement page.

For additional information and to download the fix, please see the Rational Quality Manager announcement page.